10 amazing things around the house you can use used tea bags for

used tea bags

Don’t throw your used tea bags in the bin

When we go make ourselves a nice cup of tea, we often throw the used tea bag into the bin immediately afterwards. This is a real waste, though, because there are so many different things you can do with used tea bags around the house! We’ve made a list for you…

Recycling your used tea bags is good for your home!

Tea bags in the household

We always like a good cup of tea, regardless of the temperature outside. We drink several cups per day, which means we also use several tea bags a day. Usually, we throw them in the bin right away, but that’s actually such a waste. Did you know used tea bags are super useful in the household?

10. Dishes

For example, you can easily use a used tea bag when you’re doing the dishes. Tea has a disinfecting effect and that means it can be really useful when it comes to cleaning. Your dishes, and especially the really dirty ones, can be made shiny and clean again with the help of tea. Just put your dirty dishes in the sink, fill it with water and add three used tea bags. Leave this to soak overnight and the next morning you’ll be able to very easily remove all the filth from the dishes. You won’t even have to scrub!

9. Rice

Do you like rice but do you find its taste a little bland sometimes? Then a used tea bag can come in handy. Add the tea bag to your pot of rice in water on the stove. This will give your rice a nice touch of flavour. Tea flavours that go well with rice are jasmine and chai, for example.

8. Plants

Plants can also benefit from a little bit of tea. That’s because tea has a property that protects houseplants from harmful fungi and moulds. Boil some water and add the used tea bag to this. You’ll be making a kind of weak tea. Let this tea water cool down completely and then use it to water your indoor plants.

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