These 7 habits only take 2 minutes and will make sure you always have a tidy home

tidy home

Teach yourself these habits for a tidy home

We’re definitely guilty of this: leaving clutter everywhere only to have to spend hours tidying it later. Sound familiar? We want to stop doing this and these seven habits can help! They will help you keep a clean and tidy home and they only take two minutes a day, which will save you a lot of time and frustration later.

With these habits, you’ll always have a tidy home.

1. Cleaning products

Always make sure you’ve got the right cleaning products for every room at hand. So, don’t put all of the products in one cupboard, but put a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen counters under the sink, the bathroom cleaner in the bathroom, etc. That way, you’ll sooner be inclined to wipe off certain surfaces because you won’t have to look for the right products first.

2. Focus

We never thought of this, but it’s actually really smart. First of all, make sure everyone takes off their shoes and puts them in a designated spot; this will already save you a lot of dirt and clutter. Vacuum the place of entrance to your home every day or once every two days. This is where the most dust and dirt accumulates. If you vacuum this up, the rest of your home will remain a lot cleaner.

3. Empty hands

Never walk empty-handed, is what our mothers always said. If you move from room to room, take the stacks of clutter that don’t belong there with you. Bring dirty dishes to the kitchen right away, books to the bookcase, shoes to their designated spot, etc. It sounds so simple but it really is a habit you have to teach yourself.

4. Mail

Don’t leave the mail lying around but instead, make sure it ends up where it needs to go straight away. Junk mail can go right in the wastepaper basket and important invoices and bills should go in their designated spot.

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