Why you should never open the dishwasher right after it’s done

open dishwasher

It is better to wait

If you have a dishwasher, you know it is tempting to open it up right away when you hear it beep. That way, your dishes can dry faster, right? Actually, it is better to leave the door of your dishwasher closed after it is done washing your dishes. And we’ll explain why.


Some dishwashers open automatically when they’re done, some have to be opened manually. And a lot of people open their dishwasher right away to make sure their dishes dry faster. This might seem like a good solution but according to kitchen experts, you might be better off leaving the door closed. Opening the dishwasher when it is finished, might damage your kitchen cabinets and counter.


The air coming out of your dishwasher is hot. Hot water is being pumped through the machine to help clean your dishes and that means that the inside of the machine will be hot. When you open the dishwasher after it is done, steam will rise and fill your kitchen. When this happens time and time again, this steam might damage your countertop over time. And that is definitely something you would want to avoid!


But damage to your kitchen isn’t the only reason why you should leave your dishwasher closed. Your dishes will dry faster when you leave the door closed. This might feel counterintuitive but if you leave the door closed, the warmth will be contained inside the machine, helping to dry your dishes faster. The best time to open the dishwasher is after fifteen to thirty minutes. Do you leave your dishwasher closed for too long, then condensation can appear on your dishes. And that might actually make them look less clean.

Your dishwasher is a very helpful appliance, but sometimes it is definitely complicated! With this tip, at least you won’t have to worry about whether the dishwasher should be opened or not.

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Source: Tips en Weetjes | Image: Pexels