Are flying ants swarming around your house? This is how to get rid of them

If you want to prevent flying ants buzzing around your house it’s important to make your house as unattractive to ants as possible. Follow the tips on the previous page and exterminate the insects by using one of the following methods.


  • Ants hate copper, as well as coffee grounds, onions, garlic and black pepper. You can try placing these foods close to where you think the ants are hiding. You’ll see that they will quickly find a new place to hide, far away from the smelly foods.
  • This one isn’t very animal friendly (or friendly in general), but it does work. Boil some water and pour it onto the anthill. That’ll get rid of them.
  • Mix some honey or syrup with yeast. The ants will take bits of the syrup and eat it in their nest. The yeast will expand in their bellies, which will cause them to die.
  • Most insects hate the smell of lavender, nettle and rosemary. Try planting these in your garden to eliminate insects.
  • There are many solutions sold in bigger supermarkets and pet stores to exterminate ants. If all else fails, you might resort to those.

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Source: Dier en Natuur  | Image: Flickr, Charles Lam Flying Ant license CC BY-SA 2.0