Abandoned dog was found and saved by New York community

abandoned dog

They named de dog ‘Miracle’ and the shelter is taking car of the sick animal

On a cold Thursday night, a dog was dropped off at an animal shelter in New York. After the owner drove off with his car, the dog wandered into the streets. The shelter asked the community to help find the dog and eventually, they succeeded. Miracle is now being cared for by the shelter and his previous owner will be prosecuted.

Dog abandoned

At 5:45 pm on a Thursday, the security camera of Herkimer County Humane Society, an animal shelter in New York, picked up footage of a Mini-Cooper Clubman driving into the parking lot. The driver steps out of the car and a few moments later, a dog is being taken out of the car. The dog is left in the parking lot while the car drives off. After that, the dog is seen wandering off towards the street. According to the shelter, the dog is hit by a car shortly after, and runs off. The shelter immediately called upon the community to find the dog so they could help her.


Robert Schrader, the president of the Herkimer County Humane Society, told USA Today: “… the outpouring of the people in this area is incredible.” According to the news channel, people volunteered to help find the dog and some even headed out to search for the dog in the middle of the night. Thursday night, temperatures dropped and New York put a wind chill warning in effect. On Friday, the dog was finally found by the canal in Mowhawk.


Ever since he’s been found, the shelter has been taking care of her. They called her ‘Miracle’ and members of the staff have been working hard to warm her up. According to the shelter, Miracle will need surgery because she was hit by a car. But she also hadn’t been properly cared for before she was abandoned. Schrader, who is Herkimer County’s District 3 Legislator, told USA Today that he wants to prosecute the previous owner of the dog.

The shelter has put up a donation page to help pay for the care that Miracle needs. Part of that money will be used to press charges against the previous owner of the dog.

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Source: USA Today | Image: Unsplash, Bharathi Kannan