Disabled cat fosters kittens at shelter in Kentucky

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Ever since the disabled cat has been adopted, he has fostered over 100 kittens

When foster cat Elvis ended up at a shelter in Kentucky, he and his sister were adopted by a volunteer. The volunteer, Beverly Pack, started bringing foster kittens home and Elvis turned out to be a great foster father. So far, Elvis has taken care of over one-hundred kittens and will ‘mother’ many more in the future.


In 2013, a mother and five kittens were brought into the Open Arms Animal Shelter in Louisa, Kentucky. A volunteer working for the shelter, Beverly Pack, decided to bring the whole family home with her. She named the mother Tennessee and gave the kittens names to match. When the kittens got bigger, it turned out that Elvis (one of the kittens) had cerebellar hypoplasia. Also called ‘wobbly cat syndrome’. The condition affects his motor skills and that means that Elvis would require a little more care. That is why Pack decided to adopt Elvis and his sister. “I knew Elvis would have challenges. He cannot go to the bathroom normally, not even to this day,” she told TODAY.com.


When Pack retired from the Army, she decided that she wanted to foster cats for the local shelter. Usually, she takes care of eight to twelve animals and when Elvis and his sister were vaccinated and old enough to be around kittens, she fostered more cats. It turned out that Elvis was a natural dad. She told the news channel: “Elvis fosters every baby that comes into the house,” she says. “It’s probably over a hundred or more at least. He insists that they let him wash their ears. He grooms them and bathes them … He’s constantly mothering them. He follows them around, and he snuggles with them at bedtime.”

Elvis’ care isn’t just adorable and endearing. It also helps the kittens to become social and that will eventually help in getting them adopted.

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Source: Today.com | Image: Unsplash, The Lucky Neko