This is why you should add some salt to your shampoo


Add just a bit of salt to create your own super shampoo

Not everybody might be familiar with Epsom salt, but in the world of medicine and healthcare, this product has been a staple for a long time. It’s well-known for its excellent healing and cleansing properties. Technically, it’s not a salt but a mineral that contains a combination of magnesium and sulfate. This composition is said to have a very positive effect on the body. A natural solution to a lot of problems!

Mother Nature takes good care of us by giving us Epsom salt!


Epsom salt is often prescribed to people who have a magnesium insufficiency. The salt also often gets added to a foot bath and some people bathe their entire bodies in water infused with Epsom salt, too. But there are many more things you can use it for. We’ve got a few great tips for you on the next page. You can apply them every single day and you might notice some wonderful results. And you can just buy the salt in any drugstore!

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