Got green stains on your balcony or garden tiles? Remove them with this all-natural solution!


Enjoy a clean balcony in no time with this trick!

If you have a concrete balcony, you’ll probably recognise the problem: through the years the constant exposure to the weather takes its toll, and green stains start to appear on the stone. This makes sitting out in the sun a lot less appealing.

Luckily, it’s very easy to remove these green stains from your balcony or garden tiles!

No chlorinated water

If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, you can’t really avoid getting stains on your concrete balcony or garden tiles. But the fact that it’s unavoidable doesn’t make it any less annoying. A lot of people think chlorinated water is the solution to the green glow, since it gets rid of moss and algae. We wouldn’t recommend this, though, because it’s really bad for the environment. Another solution people often try is getting out the high-pressure sprayer, but this is only of short term help. The high-pressure sprayer will change the structure of the material which causes it to be more rough and porous. This actually makes it even more suitable for moss and algae to grow on!


So, what should you do if you want to spend your sunny days out on a clean balcony or patio? The solution is vinegar! First of all, sweep away all of the dirt or leaves and brush clean the balcony. Mix together a liter of vinegar and a liter of water in a bucket and then pour this over your balcony. Let it sit and soak for a while and then start scrubbing with a stiff brush. Next, you have to let it dry; preferably in the sun. You’ll see that the green stains will start to disappear in the weeks that follow. Are there still some stubborn green stains left? You can treat them again with the same mixture. Just use a spray bottle to spray it on with – you’ll only need to treat that specific spot.

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