Man builds mini-garage and the reason why is genius

This mini-garage is way too small to fit a car!

Sometimes you come across a creation on the internet that makes you think: why didn’t we think of that? Well, we had that exact thought when we saw this special mini-garage a man from England built in his front yard. At first, it doesn’t look all that special. But when you see the inside, you’ll change your mind!

The man came up with an innovative idea for this extra space in his front yard.

Special shed

In the paper, the man read that a lot of bikes were being stolen in the neighbourhood he lived in. Of course, he didn’t want that to happen to his own bikes because buying new bikes costs a ton of money. Plus, you just don’t want your possessions to get stolen, of course. So, instead, the man invested in some building materials and then built this special shed, or mini-garage. Because of the sliding system, the inside of the garage can actually slide out, which is so handy! The family bikes all fit inside, and the garage keeps them dry and safe.


The man built this ingenious creation in less than a week. Not only that, but he also added another feature by placing special turf on the roof of the garage. He did this to prevent leakage inside the garage. In case of rain, the turf will absorb any excess water on the roof of the mini-garage. That way, the bikes will remain dry inside the shed. The man also attached a few hooks on the walls of the garage. On this, miscellaneous biking equipment can be hung, like helmets and raincoats. The garage is compact but has enough space for all of this extra gear!

Are you pretty DIY-savvy yourself and are you curious how you can make your own mini-garage for your bikes? Take a look at the video on the next page for some clear instructions and get busy yourself!

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