This boring old warehouse is worth 1.2 million dollars! You’ll get why when you see the inside

The inside of this warehouse looks breathtaking!

Some people live in a terraced house while others have a freestanding house. Then there are people who live in warehouses. It might sound a little sad, but we’re here to tell you that it definitely isn’t. This warehouse in Australia doesn’t exactly look like a nice and cosy home from the outside. But wait until you see the inside… You’ll change your mind!

This house has been nicknamed ‘the coolest home in Brisbane’.

Coolest home

Recently, this converted warehouse in Brisbane, Australia, was sold for 1.23 million dollars, which is about 1 million euros. The house quickly got itself the nickname of ‘coolest house in Brisbane’. The warehouse was built in 1950 and from the outside, it still looks like just that: a dingy old warehouse. However, when you look inside, you’ll see it has been converted into a beautiful home with an industrial-inspired interior.


The warehouse is now a huge two-bedroom home and it looks incredibly hip and happening. It has everything any hip person might want: concrete floors, brick walls and exposed steel beams. This awesome place even has a courtyard that’s absolutely beautiful. The property ad said that you can “sip your Barista-made coffee while soaking up the sunshine” here. That sounds pretty amazing! The house has an open floor design, which means you’re not restricted at all in how you create your living space. And just wait until you see the bathroom!

warehouse warehouse

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