Research shows: THIS is the biggest turn off in a relationship!


This difference is a true turn off in a relationship

Giving and taking is big part of any relationship and we prefer to take our partners as they are. Yet there’s one thing that can make or break a relationship. Both men and women feel the same about this issue and it leads to break ups in a lot of cases…

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not get angry.


Research agency Yogov did research into the character traits people are most bothered by when it comes to their partners. Number one with a bullet is the other person’s habits when it comes to tidying and cleaning – or lack thereof. One partner doing much more of the cleaning and tidying than the other can cause a lot of friction and even fights. So, why does this cause fights? Dating coach Jo Barnett explains that it can feel like selfishness or a lack of respect for the other person. Whether it eventually leads to a break up entirely depends on how much someone values having a clean and tidy home.


If you want your partner to change their behavior, it’s especially important to not get angry. That will be counterproductive and only leads to more fighting. Compromising will ensure that one person doesn’t have to change their behavior too much and this will cause less friction and fewer fights.


Other annoyances that scored high were the partner having a lower level of intelligence or people having different religious beliefs, political views or physical activities. Those things also caused of a lot of fights. On the other hand, things like a difference in salary or one partner being funnier than the other didn’t bother a lot of people.

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