Do you have silverfish in your home? THIS is how to easily get rid of them!


This is how to get rid of silverfish

A considerable amount of people have health problems or trouble sleeping because of a lack of fresh air and homes that are too damp. Too much moisture in your home isn’t just bad for your health; it also causes silverfish. If you find one of these creatures in your home, it is very likely your home is too damp

Luckily, there’s a trick to help you get rid of this vermin!

The creatures
Silverfish aren’t bad for your health, but they’re not fun to have around either. They can cause quite a bit of damage to books, wallpaper, archives and other vulnerable materials. Plus, it just feels a little gross to have these insects in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to dispose of them.

Obviously, prevention is better than cure. So, make sure your home is well-ventilated. Do these little insects still make it into your home? Then you can try to catch them or drive them away.

  • Catching them: You can catch them by using an empty jar (without a lid), duct tape and a small piece of bread. Wrap the entire jar with duct tape and put the piece of bread inside it. Put the jar in a place where you usually find a lot of silverfish. Because of the tape on the outside of the jar, the silverfish will have no trouble climbing in towards the bread. But since the inside of the jar is all smooth glass, they won’t be able to climb out again.
  • Driving them away: You can also drive them away. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 250 ml water, a few drops of lavender oil and the juice of one lemon. Spray this in the places the silver-colored pests like to converge and you’ll notice they’ll stay away.

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Image: Pixabay