THIS is the biggest IKEA secret that hardly anybody knows about!

We bet you didn’t know this about IKEA!

From box springs to dish brushes; you can buy pretty much everything at the world’s most loved furniture giant. We love taking a trip to IKEA and we can get pretty greedy when we walk around the huge store. You visit because you need an extension cord and you come home with a new living room. It happens to the best of us, right?

The bedroom department always looks especially tempting; we would love to just lie down on one of those wonderful mattresses and take short snooze.

Taking a nap

Of course, that’s not allowed and you would certainly be sent away by an employee if you were to that. But is that really the case? No, it isn’t, surprisingly enough. The next time you could really do with a snooze during an exhausting IKEA shopping spree, feel free to lie down and take a nap in one of the beds. There’s no rule that says you can’t! You can use and test everything in the store and that includes the beds. So, taking a short powernap on one of those amazing box springs? Just do it!


When we want to spruce up our home, we usually go to IKEA because we love pretty much everything they sell. But despite our love for the furniture giant, it turns out we’ve been pronouncing its name wrong for all this time! Apparently, it’s pronounced as ‘eeh-key-yah’. Who knew! We most likely won’t be changing the way we pronounce the name, but it’s a fun fact to know about, right?

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Source: Libelle | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Mtaylor848