This woman lives in an apartment of only 8 square meters! Wait until you see the inside!


This apartment is so small!

So-called ‘tiny houses’ seem to be popping up everywhere. An increasing amount of people want to downsize to a smaller and more durable home to help the environment and spend less money. We already showed you a tiny house on wheels, but this Tokyo apartment definitely takes the cake! 

Emma lives in an apartment that’s only 8m2!

Tiny house

We’re not sure we could do it; living in a home that is this small. Where would we leave all of our stuff? For Australian native Emma this is no problem at all. She lives in the centre of Tokyo, in one of the smallest apartments we have ever seen. Emma states that pretty much all apartments in Tokyo are small, but that hers is exceptionally so. Are you curious what a 8m2 apartment looks like? Take a look at the video below. Emma shows us around in her charming tiny home and tells us about what it’s like living there. We’re certainly impressed!

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Source: Gatsby | Image: videostill YouTube