7 tips to properly maintain your lawn during a heat wave

Should or shouldn’t you water your lawn in this hot weather?

The weather has been amazing lately: sunny and very hot, and we love to spend our days out in the garden. We can finally really enjoy our yards and lawns, but of course, the heat also brings some negative aspects with it. There’s a drought going on, and that means your lawn can start looking pretty dry and brown. Are you having trouble to properly maintain it in this heat? Then we’ve got a couple of handy tips for you!

Here are 7 tips to help you maintain your lawn properly.

Growth process

First of all, a lot of people think that you should water your lawn more often in warm weather than you should during cold weather in winter. According to lawn expert Peter-Paul Klein Bussink, this isn’t true, because it’s all about the growth process of the grass. Because of the cold in winter, the entire growth process of the grass comes to a halt, which makes watering the grass unnecessary in winter. But, and this might come as a surprise, the growth process also comes to a halt at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. That means you don’t have to water your lawn very often during a heat wave. The best period to water the grass in is during Spring, when the temperature of the soil starts to rise. The plants start to germinate at that time. The best temperature for plants to grow in is between 14 and 22 degrees celsius.

Magnifying glass

What is true is that you shouldn’t water your lawn when the sun is out. The drops of water act as a kind of magnifying glass on the grass. Although grass is tough and can deal with a lot, the sun could inflict damage upon other plants and leaves as soon as they’re covered in water.

Spraying every day

Many people think it’s best to water their lawn every day during warm weather. This isn’t the case, since it’s best to not water it that often. Don’t water it every day, but instead leave the sprinkler on for a little longer when you do turn it on (about 30 minutes). The grass will be properly soaked through and this will mean you won’t have to water the lawn for a couple of days.

Low pressure

It’s best to water your lawn with a low water pressure. This is because low water pressure, like the kind of water pressure from a rain shower or a sprinkler, is most similar to nature. The grass will definitely benefit from this.

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