These are of the 5 most expensive houses in the world

Most expensive houses

These houses have a hefty price tag

We may not admit it, but we secretly love scouring residential websites to look inside people’s houses. What if we look at international homes? Right, let’s see what the most expensive houses in the world look like. We have listed the five most expensive homes for you. And yes, there is a considerable price tag.

1. Mesa Vista Ranch, Texas, United States – $220 million

We start with number five, the Mesa Vista Ranch which is located in the beautiful Texas area. This estate requires a lot of money, because the house is for sale for $220 million. The former owner, Thomas Boone Pickens, was an oil magnate. Boone passed away at the end of last year. He previously called the Texan ranch “the best place to hunt quail”. Not only do you get a huge mansion for this price, but you will also find a private chapel on the site, a kennel for dogs, and an outbuilding called “The Lodge”.

2. Island Road, Hong Kong, China – $230 million

For the next house we travel to Hong Kong in China. Certainly not a bargain, because you pay an average of $450,000 per square meter. In addition, the house has “only” four bedrooms, making it the most expensive of the five, in terms of total surface. A plus: you get a beautiful roof terrace. View the photos of the villa at 37 Island Road in Hong Kong here.

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