Wow! Anyone can lose weight with this simple eating schedule!

lose weight

Follow this schedule if you want to lose weight!

Anyone who’s tried losing a few pounds will know that it’s not as easy as it might seem. Especially during the holidays it’s hard to say to ‘no’ to all that delicious food. You might be able to refuse a Christmas cookie at first, but by the time you’re offered one for the third time it starts to get tough… Losing weight is difficult indeed, but this schedule will hopefully help you out a little!

The question is: should I really eat this?

Losing weight
When you’re trying to lose weight you often have to turn down treats. Or do you? A snack every now and again won’t hurt anyone, right? Reddit user ‘sgdbdjos’ was facing this same dilemma. She could have visited a dietician or a weight loss center, but that’s not what she did. She created her own schedule to help her decide if she should or shouldn’t have a snack. The result? She lost nearly 3 stone!

On Reddit, the user explained that she sometimes ate stuff that had way too many calories in them and that usually weren’t even worth it. These snacks hindered her weight losing progress. She decided to stop eating things that had too many calories and that she was only allowed to eat snacks she really loved. This philosophy led to the schedule below.

Perhaps this will help you lose weight as well!

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Source: Women’s Health Mag | Images: Pixabay, Reddit