These 7 symptoms might be telling you you’re eating too much salt

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Your body might be trying to tell you something

A pinch of it in a soup, a few grains on your hard-boiled egg: a lot of dishes can be made a lot tastier by adding a little salt. The white grains add just that little bit of extra flavour to a dish. That’s why it can be tempting to add a generous amount of it when you’re cooking, but you’d better not. Consuming too much salt can be damaging to your body. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms below? Then your body might be telling you you’re eating too much salt.

Eating too much salt can lead to kidney diseases or high blood pressure.

1. Retaining moisture

Do you have swollen fingers? That might mean that your body is retaining a lot of moisture. This can be the result of consuming too much salt. The solution is very simple: drink more water. This will drive away the salt from your body.

2. Thirst

When you’ve eaten something salty like crisps or nuts, you might feel thirsty afterwards. This is because salt draws out moisture from your body and that causes the salt/water balance to be disturbed. To recover the balance in your body, you need to hydrate properly. It’s best to do this by drinking water or tea. These drinks are most effective against dehydration.

3. Peeing more often

Are you noticing that you have to pee more often than usual? Then you’ve probably eaten too much salt, which is causing your kidneys to work overtime to process it all. Besides having to visit the bathroom more often, your urine might also look darker than normal.

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