This is why you should always sneeze into your elbow

Flu epidemic

Van Casteren explains that the rise in the cases of flu occurs in all age categories. “Youths, adults, the elderly: everyone is affected,” she says. Getting the flu shot while an epidemic is already going on is no use according to her. “It’s too late for that. It takes two weeks after the shot before you are protected.”

Right away

So, the big question is: what should you do when you have to sneeze? According to many people, sneezing into a paper tissue is the best option, as long as you throw it out as soon as you’re done sneezing. Don’t have a tissue at hand? Then it’s better not to sneeze into your hand but sneeze into the inside of your elbow. “It might sound a little strange, but it really does help against the spreading of influenza,” says Van Casteren.

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Source: Nieuwsblad | Image: video still, YouTube

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