Do you think you’re pregnant? These 8 signs could tell you

5. Mood swings

Crying followed by intense happiness followed by some more crying. Sound familiar? These severe mood swings seem like standard ‘women’s issues’, but they could actually be telling you that you are pregnant. Did you only cry when you were feeling really miserable before, but are you already crying at the sight of a cute puppy on television now? Then you might want to check whether you are pregnant or not.

6. Run-down

Are you just living your ‘normal’ life but are very tired all of a sudden? This could mean that you are pregnant. Being pregnant takes a lot of energy. That’s why feeling run-down is a common sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to make sure where your tiredness comes from.

7. Overdue

Oh no! You should have been on your period by now but it has not (yet) happened! This could point towards pregnancy, but it does not necessarily have to. There are many other reasons that could explain your late period. To make sure, you can always take a pregnancy test.

8. Nausea

One of the pregnancy ailments that you hear about most often is nausea. Do you have the feeling that the nausea occurs frequently and don’t you know what is causing it? Then it could well be that you are expecting!

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image: Pexels