Yes, really: this is how you know whether you’re drinking water wrong

drinking water

This is how you know if you’re drinking water the right way

We all drink a lot of water in a day and we often do this without thinking about it. A glass here, a glass there… Yet there are moments in which we’re actually drinking water in the wrong way and we’re undermining its usefulness because of that. You’ll feel much better if you follow these rules.

But first, we want to give you a compliment if you’re drinking two litres of water every day! Well done, you!

Water and food

A lot of people have a glass of water with their dinner. Having a sip here and there isn’t a bad thing, but if you drink a lot of water when you’re eating it’ll interfere with your digestion. The water dilutes the gastric acid in your stomach which can cause a bloated feeling. That’s why it’s better to drink your glass of water before eating. That way, you won’t gorge yourself on your food because you’ll already feel a little bit full and you’ll eat just the right amount. Ideally, you’d drink two glasses of water half an hour before having dinner.

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