This is why it’s good for you to make your bed in the morning

make your bed
You’ll feel better if you make your bed

Getting up in the morning: for some, it’s the easiest thing in the world while others would prefer to throw the alarm clock out of the window if that didn’t mean having to get up first. Making the bed is another one of those things that has people on both sides of the spectrum. Some do it almost automatically, but other people just leave their sheets be after getting up. But which of those is better for you?

We’re giving you three reasons why you should make your bed every single morning.

You’ll be more productive

There really isn’t a better start to the day than making your bed right away. It gives you the feeling that you’ve already accomplished something that day, and who doesn’t like to start their day that way? Plus, in the evening, when you’re about to crawl into bed after a long day, you’ll be reminded that you did something good in the morning.

You’ll sleep better

Research from the American National Sleep Foundation shows that people will sleep better when they’ve made their bed. A made bed looks much nicer than an unmade one, of course. That makes people go to bed with a good feeling, and that will cause them to sleep longer.

Less stress

We’ll admit, an unmade bed won’t cause that much stress, but making your bed will make you feel a little calmer. Your bed takes up a considerable amount of space in your bedroom and if you don’t make your bed, it’ll inevitably look a little messy. Your bedroom will look neater and tidier right away if you make your bed. That way, you’ll feel a little more relaxed when you walk into your bedroom.

Not making the bed

The lazy people among us who really don’t feel like making their bed are in luck as well. By not making your bed and simply throwing back the covers, you’re giving house dust mites less of a chance. You lose a lot of skin flakes in your sleep, which is sometimes house dust mites love. These mites thrive in warm and damp circumstances. By not making your bed, you’re giving your bed more of a chance to dry after sweating in it all night. So, not making your bed does have an advantage after all.

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Source: Metro | Image: video still Clean My Space