12 Surprising Effects Of Lemon Juice On Your Health

7. Remedy for food poisoning

In particular, people traveling to countries in the continent of Asia are more likely to get food poisoning – although you can also just catch it in your own kitchen. Very annoying. You can promote its healing by drinking lemon juice. The acid in it helps to kill the bacteria.

8. Lower high blood pressure

When you have high blood pressure, it is important to look at your diet and cut out the substances that cause it. Would you also like to try to lower your blood pressure in another way? Then you can drink lemon water. The lemon juice has a cleansing effect on the blood vessels and this can lower blood pressure.

9. Counteract heartburn

You probably don’t even want to think of drinking lemon water when you suffer from heartburn. However, you could benefit a lot from it. A small amount of lemon juice with water can help neutralize the acid in your stomach and provide some relief.

10. Treating acne

Getting rid of acne is often difficult. What works for one person has no effect on another. Although there is a chance that it is not going to make a difference, lemon water can help. This has an alkalizing effect on your body and this can help reduce acne.

11. Combating anemia

Under the guise: every little bit helps, you can also drink lemon water if you are struggling with anemia. Up front, it is important to eat plenty of iron-containing foods if you are anemic, but vitamin C also plays an important role here. This is because vitamin C makes your body absorb the iron from your food better. For this reason, you often see that iron pills also contain vitamin C.

12. Relieve allergies

Are you sneezing and tearing up when the pollen blooms again? Many are familiar with that. However, from the standard medications people tend to get feelings of dullness. But apparently lemons can also help! The juice of the fruit can relieve the symptoms. Even if it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt!

Source: 24 Taste | Image: Pexels