People with THESE jobs are most likely to get burnout or depression, according to research


Do you have one of these jobs?

There are some activities or duties that are more likely to cause a depression or burnout than others. That’s why some jobs present a higher risk than other when it comes to these illnesses. American research has shown in which jobs people have the biggest chance of depression or burnout. Do you have one of these jobs?

These are the most depressing jobs, according to research.


There are countless different reasons why people suffer from depression or burnout, but when you see the top ten of most depressing jobs you’ll be able to think of some of those reasons. Cleaners come across the most disgusting things when they’re working and sales people are subject to a lot of stress due to the goals they have to reach. A job which requires you to be available 24/7 is also very bad for your mental health.

Bus drivers

Yet these reasons aren’t applicable to the job that’s at the top of the list. Bus drivers are number one with a bullet, it seems. The reason they suffer from burnout or depression most is because they have a huge responsibility and work in relative isolation. So, next time you get into a bus, be a little nicer to the person who’s driving you. Perhaps it’ll help to make their day a lot better!

Top ten

Can you find your job in this top ten?

  1. Bus driver
  2. Printing company employee
  3. Customer recruitor
  4. Car mechanic
  5. Sales person
  6. Cleaner
  7. Personal assistant
  8. Factory employee
  9. Social worker
  10. Real estate agent

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