Hack: this simple tip will improve your sleep

improve sleep

And it might even improve your relationship!

Do you and your partner have an on-going war when it comes to the covers? Well, that might become a thing of the past with this hack. According to the Scandinavians, making one small adjustment in your bedroom could improve your sleep ánd your relationship.

Sleeping together

Previous research has already tried to figure out whether couples that sleep in the same bed are actually happier than couples who don’t. And so far, the opinions on the subject are divided. Some people definitely sleep better while others actually have a hard time staying asleep while the person next to you lays tossing and turning. The simple solution would be to sleep in separate beds. But not everyone likes the idea of sleeping alone either. And that is where the Scandinavian Sleep Method can be of help.

Scandinavian Sleep Method

In Denmark, Sweden and Norway, people are already practicing this method. But what is it exactly? The Scandinavian Sleep Method is a method in which partners share their bed but have their own blanket. And that means that blanket-hogging will be a thing of the past. When you sleep under separate blankets, you won’t be bothered as much by the other person moving around. Or by their body temperature. Zeke Medina, certified adult sleep consultant with Live Love Sleep, explains to Real Simple that when you share a comforter or blanket, the movements of your significant other will probably wake you up. And that causes sleep disruptions that lower your sleep quality.

So, it couldn’t hurt to try, right? Especially since Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark score really high when it comes to sleep quality and quality of life.

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Source: Real Simple | Image: Unsplash, Adam Winger