No need to worry about garlic in your Christmas dinner! THIS is how to get rid of garlic breath!

garlic breath

Say goodbye to garlic breath!

Chances are you’ll be eating a lot of garlic this Christmas. Garlic bread, garlic butter, or just through a dish; it’s delicious. Unfortunately, this can take its toll on your breath, and nobody likes having bad breath! Lucky for you, we’ve got a couple of super handy tips for you!

It can be pretty difficult to get rid of garlic breath. This is because the sulfur that’s in garlic isn’t just released in your mouth but also in your intestines, which makes it end up in your lungs and skin. That’s why getting rid of your garlic breath is a bit more complex than just cleaning your mouth.

What can help is chewing fresh parsley; the chemical elements in parsley, like chlorophyll and polyphenol, attach themselves to sulfur and neutralise the smell. Drinking milk before and during your meal can also help against the smell. The moisture in the milk cleanses the mouth and the fats in the milk neutralises sulfur. Super handy, right?

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