These 4 weird tricks will help you fall asleep faster


With these tricks, you’ll fall asleep effortlessly

Do you have trouble falling asleep on a regular basis? No matter how often you toss and turn, you just can’t manage to drift off? Very annoying, because a bad night’s sleep has consequences for the next day and can even damage your overall health. The internet is full of tips to fall asleep more quickly, one even crazier than the other. We’ve got four somewhat crazy tips for you that really work!

With these tricks, we want to bet you’ll fall asleep before you know it!

1. Sleeping position

It’s important for both your rest and your body to lie in a good position. The best sleeping position is on your back, with your whole body in one straight line. A pillow that’s too thick or too thin will cause neck issues. If you really do prefer to lie on your side or on your belly, you should make sure that your mattress and pillow are suitable for that position. Your spine┬ácan become unbalanced or you’ll wake up with an aching neck or shoulder.

2. Bare buttocks

It might sound a little strange, but apparently, you sleep better when you’re not wearing underwear. You’ll feel freer and there’s a clear difference between day and night: during the day you wear underwear; at night you’re going commando. You can wear pyjama pants without underwear or sleep completely naked if you’re comfortable with that. The feeling of relief and freedom will help you fall asleep more easily.

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