8 other possible causes of eczema aside from heredity


Eczema can also be caused by something else

Do you have chapped, dry and unusually itchy skin: this can be eczema. Eczema can greatly affect your daily life. This condition usually causes the skin’s surface to become (and stay) irritated. Although many forms of the skin condition can be hereditary, other causes are also possible. We’ve listed them for you.

Do you have eczema but it doesn’t run in the family? Then it may also be due to one of these things.

Atopic eczema

Also known as constitutional eczema, the most common form of chronic skin inflammation is atopic eczema. Both men and women can suffer from this skin condition on various parts of the body. The common markers are dry skin, burning, redness, flaking, itching, pain or cracks in the skin. In addition to these general symptoms, there are also things that may further aggravate the chronic skin condition.

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