5 facts about dreams and sleep everyone should know

4. You probably weren’t awake the entire night

This might be something you’re familiar with: those nights that seem to take forever and you just can’t fall asleep. Every time you look at the clock, you feel a little more frustrated. “I really saw every hour on the clock last night,” you tell your colleagues the next day. We have good news for you, though: this isn’t true. You might think you lay up sleepless the entire night, but in actuality, you’ve probably spent large portions of the night in light sleep. During this light sleep, you can still hear, think and smell. Because of this, it might seem like you’re awake, while you’re actually resting without knowing it.

5. Needing 8 hours of sleep is a myth

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard that adults need to get eight hours of sleep a night. We’ve started to believe that you need to worry if you don’t sleep for this many hours. There’s no need for that, though. Every person is different and that means that not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. While one person functions perfectly well on only five hours of sleep, someone else is exhausted if they didn’t sleep for nine solid hours. Everything between three and eleven hours is possible, sleep expert Neil Stanley explains. So, you shouldn’t force yourself to sleep more or less because that’s what’s expected of you. Listen to your body and it will find its own perfect natural rhythm!

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