This is why you should sleep with your socks on


Wear your socks to bed for this reason

Wearing socks in bed: some people hate it while others swear by it. But is it good for you to wear them while you’re sleeping or is it better to take them off before getting into bed? Neurologist Jan den Heijer has done research on this issue and he has the answer for us! It turns out you’re better off leaving your socks on when you’re sleeping!

Taking off your socks before you get into bed is no longer necessary.

Night’s sleep

Den Heijer’s research shows that wearing socks to bed improves your night’s sleep. That’s why the neurologist advises his patients with sleep problems to wear socks in bed. He says: “It’s definitely worthwhile. Warm feet make it easier to fall asleep.” To get a good night’s sleep, your body temperature needs to be low while your skin temperature needs to be high. This is also the reason why we sleep under a duvet. Den Heijer’s research showed that people participating fell asleep more quickly if they were wearing socks, thus having warm feet. Good to know: it’s not smart to put on socks when your feet are ice cold. When your feet are that cold, the socks won’t help because they only insulate the cold. You need to warm your feet first before putting on your socks. Then your socks will make sure your feet stay warm.


A downside to wearing socks in bed is that they can start to pinch. The band of the sock might be too tight and that can impede the blood flow to your feet. You’ll want to avoid this, of course, which is why it’s smart to wear socks with slightly loose bands or wear special bed socks.

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Source: Grazia | Image: Pixabay