What can you do about excessive sweating? Try these anti-sweating tips


Do you always have those sweat stains in your shirt?

After a hurried bike ride when it is 30 degrees celsius outside, after a trip to the gym with your insanely fit friend or during a very important presentation at work you are likely to be sweating a lot. Not to worry! That is completely normal, though some people break sweat more easily than others. Is all the sweating holding you back in your daily life? That could be a major nuisance. 

Sweating bullets!


There are many causes for excessive sweating. A hot summer day or some exercises in the gym can cause it to happen. Moreover, emotions such as fear, stress or arousal can also make you sweat. Lastly, there are also some medical reasons for excessive sweating: certain types of medicine, the menopause or being overweight.

Too much

Do you have the feeling that you are sweating more than other people? That is possible as not everybody is the same. It is difficult to determine at what level of sweating we can say that it is excessive sweating. Sweat can’t really be measured that way. GP Edwin de Vaal explains it to NU.nl. He says that someone is excessively sweating when they experience social consequences: avoiding certain events because it might cause you to sweat.

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