7x This is what your appearance says about your character and health

4. Face and aggressiveness

People can see how aggressive you are based on the structure of your face. A wide face with a wide jawline point to a more aggressive person. This makes sense because this kind of face is due to a high testosterone level. Based on your face, people can also judge how strong you are. People with a friendlier face are judged as being weaker and you assume people with an angry face are stronger.

5. Face and criminality

People that look mad are more often seen as criminals in general, according to a British and Israeli research. If you have a mischievous or unreliable look you’ll often be linked to dark affairs. Research shows that people with an unreliable look often get harsher punishment than those with a reliable appearance.

6. Face and health

It’s not surprising to hear that your appearance says something about your health. Those who smoke will have more wrinkles than non-smokers. And did you know that the number of wrinkles on your face says something about your heart? On average, people with more face wrinkles have worse hearts, according to a research done in 2012. Even just looking at someone’s eyes can tell you a lot about their health. Red spots on your eyes could be a sign of diabetes.

7. Body and health

A lengthy study with 4000 men showed that the length of certain fingers could be linked to their risk of prostate cancer. Men whose index finger is just as long as their ring finger or an index finger that is longer than their ring finger have a 33% higher chance of getting prostate cancer. There was also a link between height and the chance of illness. Taller people have less chance of having heart problems and short people have a lesser chance of getting cancer. This could be attributed to growth hormones which in some cases reduces the chance of illness but in other cases increases the chance.

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