Yes, beer is healthier than we expected it to be: these are 5 health benefits

Pour yourself a beer tonight, it’s actually good for you!

We know beer can make you incredibly happy, BUT there are more benefits to it!

1. Back in 2021, a research on the effects of beer on your heart health was conducted. The result? It might actually be good for you!

If you drink about 1.5 – 2 beers a day, (let’s assume two for convenience) it reduces the risk of a heart attack. Even for people who already suffer from heart problems, drinking beer is not a bad choice. People who have had a heart attack before also lived for more than twenty years if they had a beer regularly.

2. Beer is nutritious

That is to say…more nutritious than wine, because beer contains both more protein and vitamin B than the alcoholic grape juice. That’s what a study conducted by the American Journal of the Medical Sciences reports. Beer also contains antioxidants, which protect you from a variety of diseases. Good to know!

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