A long hike or a short stroll? Which one is better for you?

short stroll long hike

Do you go for a 10-minute walk or an hour-long trek?

We’re already familiar with the health benefits of walking, and going out for a walk can be a great way to calm your nerves or just unwind. But do you also get these benefits from taking a brisk ten minute walk? Or should you be out for a longer period of time to actually notice the positive effects of walking?

Apparently, there is no ‘wrong’ when it comes to the time you spend walking. According to Tamanna Singh of Cleveland Clinic, both a long and a short walk will provide you with benefits like lower blood pressure, low blood sugar and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. But there appears to be a difference in the additional benefits you’ll get.


If you want to increase your stamina, you might want to clear your schedule and go out for a longer walk. By taking a long and less straining walk, you can build your stamina. When you walk slower and longer, your body will be more able to absorb oxygen. This will make you less tired so you’ll remain energized for a longer period of time. By taking longer, slower walks, you will train your body to walk for longer periods of time, resulting in more endurance.

Daily habit

If you just want to go out for a walk to be more active and start the year fresh, you might want to try the shorter option. Especially if you’re not an experienced walker yet. It is recommended that you exercise for at least 150 minutes a week and if you feel like that is a lot, then divide that number into smaller pieces. Go for a twenty-minute walk every day and you will have had 140 minutes of exercise already! Or take three ten-minute walks everyday: one after breakfast, one after lunch and one right after dinner. By dividing your walks up into smaller parts you will get into the habit of walking, gaining all the benefits that come with it!

If you just want to walk for fun, a short walk might just be the thing for you. If you are looking to increase your stamina, the long walk is going to get you where you want to go. This way, you can pick the option that works for you!

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash, Raychan