Do you get dizzy on a hot day? This is what you can do

dizzy hot day

These are the reasons why you feel dizzy on a hot day

Do you love sunbathing, but get dizzy when you get up from the beach chair? Or do you get sick if you are walking or exercising on a hot day? You are certainly not alone. This is what an expert says about the cause of dizziness and what you can do about it.

Low blood pressure

First of all, the dizziness you feel on a hot day can be caused by lower blood pressure. As Dr. Auldric Ratajczak explains to Women’s Health, to regulate your body temperature on a hot day, your blood vessels dilate. Blood flow is controlled by your brain to keep your skin and body cool. This change in blood flow can make you feel light-headed and dizzy.

To sweat

A second cause of dizziness in high temperatures is a large loss of moisture. You sweat a lot on hot days, so you lose more moisture than usual. If you don’t drink enough to replenish the moisture in your body, you may experience dizziness from this deficiency.

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