This is why you should go for a walk after every meal


Don’t crash on the couch, take a hike instead!

We love walking! And even though we already know that being outside and going for a walk can be good for your health, it turns out that taking a stroll right after dinner has some major health benefits too!

Blood pressure

Going out for some slow paced exercise can lower your blood pressure! According to Margriet, studies have shown that going out for a ten-minute walk thrice a day can have positive effects on your blood pressure. Another reason to love walking!

Blood sugar

If you have diabetes, going out for a walk can also be beneficial when it comes to the sugar levels in your blood. If you take a stroll for ten minutes, right after dinner, it could already prove to have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels.

Digestive system

Exercise in general can help your digestive system. This means that walking (which is also a form of exercise!) can provide you with these benefits too. Your stomach and intestines will be stimulated, causing food to move through your body more quickly.

But some people with a sensitive digestive system could actually be stimulated too much, causing them to get stomach aches if they move their body right after having a meal. In this case it would be good to figure out which one applies to you. Just to avoid any unwanted stomach cramps.


Last but definitely not least; taking a hike can be good for your heart. Exercise is beneficial for the muscle pumping blood through your body, and so going for a walk will have the same benefit. When you regularly go out for walks, you can lower your cholesterol levels and with that reduce the risk of heart attacks.

So whenever you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or some snacks in between, go out for a little stroll. Your body will appreciate it and you can appreciate nature while you’re at it!

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash, James Wheeler