7 inexpensive ways to reduce nail fungus

5. Eucalyptus oil

This oil is used by many people to treat a cold with steam, but it can also work great as a remedy for a nail fungus. Eucalyptus oil has a bactericidal property that fungi cannot resist. Spread the oil on the nail fungus and also try to apply it to the cuticles and the skin under the nail.

6. Dettol

Do you have Dettol at home? If so, you can also use this to treat nail fungus. Prepare a foot bath with warm water and add a generous splash of Dettol. Bathe your foot for half an hour and then dry it well.

7. Garlic and lemon

This does not cause a nice smell, but garlic is a natural anti-microbial agent. You can make a foot bath by crushing 10 cloves of garlic and cooking in 500 milliliters of water. Let it boil for five minutes and then cool to a comfortable temperature. Add some lemon juice (fungi don’t like acid) and soak your feet in the bath for 10 minutes. Then dry the feet thoroughly. Repeat three times a week. You can also rub the nail directly with the juice of a clove of garlic.

What you should definitely not do

There are also a number of things that you should not do if you suffer from a nail fungus. For example, do not use moisturizing ointments that contain turpentine oil. This oil will dry out your nail, which can cause it to crumble even further. Also try to resist the temptation to hide the fungal nail with nail polish. Nail polish aggravates the fungus because it prevents oxygen from reaching the nail. You can also contaminate other nails, because the bacteria will stick to the nail polish brush.

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