Did you know that these celebrities are muslim?

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These celebrities are often mentioned in the media

There is a reason why the paparazzi is not yet an extinct profession, and why we buy gossip magazines en masse: we love celebrity life. However, we do not know everything about them. For example, did you know that these celebrities are Muslim?

Mehmet Oz

Many know Mehmet Oz as a doctor in The Dr. Oz Show. He is an acclaimed cardiothoracic surgeon and he is a Muslim. In an interview with PBS, the surgeon once said that he sometimes struggled with his identity. For example, his father came from the “Quran Belt”, an area where conservative Islamic values ​​are strongly adhered to. His mother was from the secular part of Turkey. “I struggled a lot with my Muslim identity,” says Mehmet. According to him, this had to do with the different beliefs of his parents.

Mahershala Ali

Actor Mahershala Ali has an impressive resume. He has starred in high-profile films such as Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and Green Book. For the first and last roles, the actor even won Oscars. In 2017 he received an Academy Award for best supporting role for his portrayal of Juan in Moonlight. He was the first Muslim to win an Academy Award.

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