Huh?! There’s a new type of banana and you’re supposed to eat it WITH the peel!


Is this new type of banana something for you?

Bananas are tasty and healthy! We know eating two bananas a day can do a lot for your health, for example. But you always have to take off that annoying peel first and that’s not always the easiest thing. Especially when you’re out on the road and quickly want to eat a banana on the go, it can be a pain to peel it and then to get rid of the peel. Luckily, there’s a very cool solution to that problem now!

This banana has a thin peel, so you can eat the fruit with the peel.

Japanese bananas

These new bananas have been developed by Japanese growers and have such a thin skin that you can simply eat it with the skin instead of peeling it off. It’s been dubbed the ‘Mongee banana’ and you won’t even notice it when you’re eating the peel because it’s so thin and sweet. But how have they managed to grow this special banana?

Growth process

According to the growers the secret is in the growth process. The cuttings of the bananas were frozen at -60 °C after which they were defrosted again. Then, the cuttings were planted anew. The freezing process causes a specific strand of DNA to be activated within the plant. The cool Japanese climate is the perfect environment for these fruits to grow. Plus, they developed a lot quicker as well.

Sweeter peel

But what about the taste? Is it anything like a normal banana? It’s been said that the Mongee banana is a lot sweeter than the regular version. A regular banana contains about 18 grams sugar, while this Japanese type contains a whopping 25 grams of sugar. Due to the sugars the peel doesn’t taste bitter either, and its texture doesn’t differ that much from the flesh of the banana. At the moment, you can only get this banana in Japan. And they’re not exactly cheap either: one Mongee banana costs about €5,60 (£4,90 / $6,60).

Perhaps these special bananas will be available where you live sometime soon as well, but for now we’ll have to keep peeling the fruit to eat it!


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Source: Jan Magazine | Image: Pixabay