This tip will help you save money on your groceries

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Research shows that you should use a shopping cart while shopping

When you have to run a quick errand, it is always easier to grab a basket than getting into the hassle of pulling out a cart and navigating it around the grocery store. The cart is just not that practical. But did you know that your choice between cart or basket could influence your shopping habits?


Grocery stores use a lot of techniques to get you to buy more stuff. Did you know that food makers can buy a spot on the shelf in the store? The best spots are at eye level so you will see them right away. Products that are made for kids, are put up on a kid’s eye level so they will see it and keep nagging whether they can ‘just get this one thing?’ until you finally give in. The use of baskets and carts is another way of manipulating your buying behavior. Erasmus University in The Netherlands found that carrying around a basket makes you more prone to impulse purchases. 


Apparently it has something to do with your posture while holding a basket. When you hold a basket, you pull it towards you while a shopping cart is being pushed away. This small difference in posture makes it so you are more likely to give into the temptations that surround you in the grocery store like the chocolate at the register. The chance of someone with a shopping basket buying one of these less nutritious snacks is 6,84 times higher than for someone with a cart.

So if you want to spend less money while shopping for groceries, a good way to start would be to grab a cart and push it in front of you. That way you’ll be less tempted to buy all the enticing snacks that surround you.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Unsplash, Gabrielle Ribeiro