Drinking two glasses of red wine before bed can have this amazing benefit

Weight loss

Research done by Washington State University shows that drinking red wine can help you lose weight. Yes, we really said that. The researchers discovered that the grapes used in red wine contain a type of antioxidant called resveratrol. When you want to lose weight, resveratrol is your best friend.


Resveratrol is white fat that gets transformed into beige fat. That’s very useful because this type of fat is much easier to burn, and it burns quicker as well. That’s what a study from Harvard University, which took over 13 years, has shown. No fewer than 20,000 women took part in this study. One group of women had to drink two glasses of wine each day. This group turned out to have a lowered risk (of 70 per cent) of becoming overweight in comparison to the non-drinkers.


So, why should you be drinking the wine at night specifically? Results from Arizona State University show that resveratrol causes you to lose some of your appetite. One glass of wine will make sure you won’t crave chocolate, crisps or candy in the evening as much. So, having a glass of wine is perfectly fine, just make sure you drink responsibly.

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