This is why you should add insects to your diet


Apparently, they’re very healthy!

If the thought of eating bugs already makes you feel queasy, then we definitely understand. But there could actually be some benefit to eating insects that you did not know about. Who knows? Maybe after reading this, you’ll want to garnish all your food with some toasted mealworm. 

Health benefits

According to research conducted by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, eating insects can provide you with a lot of important nutrients and vitamins. Insects contain protein, fibre, healthy fats and certain vitamins. But that’s not all! The American Chemical Society (ACS) says that insects are a source of iron. Even more than red meat. There are some people who swear by snacking on some grasshoppers. Famous actress Angelina Jolie has even been known to eat tarantula’s!

What bugs?

If you’re not ready to eat large venomous spiders then there are some different options that you could try instead. Like crickets or grasshoppers. They are very nutritious! Grasshoppers and crickets contain iron, calcium, copper and zinc. If you feel like crickets and grasshoppers are still too ‘bug-looking’ then you could try mealworms instead. They contain the same nutrients but are smaller and more easy to mix in with, for example, a salad!

Another good option (if you just hate the idea of worms in your food) is by making the insects into flour to use for baking. That way you will get the health benefits of eating insects without actually having to put the creepy crawlies in your mouth. And according to some people, insects taste great! With a flavor similar to that of shrimp or chicken.

Another benefit to eating insects is that it could actually save the planet. Farming insects is more sustainable than regular farming and could be beneficial for the environment. So what’s not to like, right?

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Source: Happy in Shape, IFT Food Facts | Image: Pexels, Jimmy Chan