Drinking two glasses of red wine before bed can have this amazing benefit

Enjoying a glass of wine and benefiting from it; it’s possible!

These days, we get study after study thrust under our noses telling us what’s healthy and what’s not. Although we take a lot of them with a grain of salt, we’ve now come across one that we really like… If one of those studies is in our favour, we’re definitely bound to believe them, like with this one. Researchers have discovered something fun about red wine!

Do you love a good glass of red wine as much as we do?

Red wine

Red wine is a classic drink that a lot of people enjoy drinking. The red drink pairs well with red meat and cheeses, but it’s also wonderful to just have a glass of it at night on the sofa. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Shiraz or Tempranillo: some people have a clear preference, while others like them all.

Room temperature

We have always been under the impression that you should drink red wine at room temperature. Apparently, this isn’t true at all! According to Wine Academy, it’s much better to drink red wine at a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees. A warmer temperature is said to bring out the taste of alcohol too much, which means the subtle taste of the wine is lost.


Now, it turns out that red wine is also very good for us. Researchers from the Spanish National Research Centre in Madrid have come to the conclusion that drinking red wine is very good for your teeth. According to the scientists, this is because it contains a substance called polyphenol. This substance causes bacteria not to stick to your teeth. This means you’ve got a smaller risk of getting plaque, calculus or caries.

Not only this, but red wine can also help you to lose weight! How? Read all about it on the next page!

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