Subway manager reveals: “You should never order THIS sandwich…”


Unfortunately, this is many people’s favorite Subway sandwich…

If you like a quick, tasty meal, you like Subway: within a couple of minutes you’ve got yourself a delicious sandwich. All of them are fresher than fresh, or so we thought. It turns out this isn’t the case at all, according to a manager of this popular chain.

We’ve got bad news for the Chicken Teriyaki fans…

Don’t order

Knowing everything isn’t necessarily a good thing, which this story proves once more. Unfortunately, curiosity usually gets the better of us, which is why we really wanted to know what this Subway manager had to say. He revealed which sandwiches you’re better off not ordering, but did so anonymously, of course.


He spilled the beans on Reddit. A Reddit-user wondered which sandwich he really shouldn’t order at the restaurant. The manager’s answer? Avoid the ‘stinky chicken’. With stinky chicken he meant the Chicken Teriyaki and the Chicken Chipotle. So, why should you avoid these two exactly? When Subway receives their chicken, it only has a shelf life of two days once it’s in the counter. Yet Subway keeps the chicken for the previously mentioned sandwiches for four days, which can cause it to become a bit stinky. Yuck!

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: video still