New photograph shows: Princess Diana was the spitting image of her father

princess diana
Princess Diana is a real chip off the old block

Princess Diana was someone many people looked up to and besides that she was also a true style icon. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was admired for her actions and celebrated for her fashion sense. We still often see pictures of her going around the internet, but we hadn’t seen this picture of her father before.

The resemblance is amazing!


Diana Spencer grew up with two sisters, Sarah and Jane, and one brother, Charles. Charles had multiple children and his daughters all look a lot like their aunt, Princess Di. Diana was blessed with friendly blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair. She didn’t get these beautiful looks from a stranger. Her brother, Charles Spencer, recently shared a picture of their father on Twitter. Before, this picture was only available in black and white, but a specialist was able to colour it in. You only have to glance at the photograph to see that Princess Diana was the spitting image of her father.

Princess Charlotte

Diana’s genes seem to be rather strong because there’s a new generation that looks a lot like her. You might not have noticed it before but it’s pretty clear when you put these two pictures side by side: Princess Charlotte looks just like her grandmother Diana. We all know what Diana looked like when she got older. Will Charlotte look like her beautiful grandmother?

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Source: Charles Spencer | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Nick Parfjonov