This is why you shouldn’t add extra pepper to your food in a restaurant


Next time you eat at a restaurant, think twice before adding pepper to your food

When you go out to eat, the chef at the restaurant in question often knows what they’re doing and you’ll probably get very tasty and well-seasoned food. Nevertheless, you might want to add that extra bit of flavour to the food by adding a bit of pepper. You really shouldn’t do that, though, and here’s why.

There are a lot of bacteria on a pepper shaker.

Pepper shakers

It’s not the toilet, doorknob or cutlery that is the dirtiest thing in a restaurant, but – and you’ll see this coming by now – the pepper shaker and the menu! According to research done by ABC News, pepper shakers contain 11,600 bacteria. This research was conducted among 12 restaurants in New York, Arizona and Ohio. Additionally, the salt shakers turned out to also contain E.coli! The menu contained even more bacteria, apparently, with a whopping 185,000 bacteria.

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