Which ones are better for you: white grapes or blue grapes?


We’ve always been curious about this!

Although grapes are chock-full of so called fruit sugars, they’re also great sources of vitamins. We don’t really have a preference when it comes to white grapes or blue ones, but we did wonder whether there’s a difference between the two. Here’s the answer!

Grapes have the reputation of being ‘less healthy fruit’ because of the amount of fruit sugar they contain. The sugar content is indeed slightly higher than in other popular fruits, but that doesn’t mean you should stop eating them altogether. They’re a healthy snack and you won’t suddenly gain a lot of weight by eating them. Plus, they contain a lot of potassium and fibers.

Different grapes

Both blue and white grapes are healthy and they’re both about 80 percent water. Apart from their colours, there are a few more differences between the two types of grape. For example, the blue grape contains more fibers than its white cousin. Per 100 grams, the blue grape contains 2.1 grams of fiber and the white grape contains 1.4 grams. Another benefit of the blue grape is that eating it causes you to burn fat quicker. So, we’re going to go for the blue version the next time we feel like having some!

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Source: Gezondheidsnet & Margriet | Image: Pixabay