THIS is why people put a frying pan with salt on the stove! Such a handy trick!

frying pan

Your frying pan could last much longer!

The invention of non-stick frying pans has helped many a household around the world. It saves a lot of irritation when you can actually bake pancakes without them sticking to the bottom of the pan. Yet that non-stick coating does wear down over time and then it’s back to caked on food in your pan. Many of us will probably throw out the pan in question, thinking it’s past its shelf life, and buy a new one, but that’s really a waste. This trick will save you from having to buy a new pan!

There’s no need to throw out your frying pan anymore!

Table salt

This trick is very simple and you already own the solution. You’ve probably got it waiting for you in a cupboard in your kitchen: it’s salt! All you need to do is cover the non-stick coating of the frying pan in question with a generous layer of table salt. Put the pan on the stove and heat it up until it’s nice and hot. Then, all that’s left to do is rinse off the salt and dry the pan. You’ll see that the food you prepare in your pan will stick much less quickly now!


To prevent your non-stick coating from wearing away, you could decide to no longer clean your pan with dish soap. Dish soap will wear down that nice coating we all love and that’s exactly what you want to prevent from happening. Just use some hot water and a dishwashing brush and then dry the pan with a paper towel. This way, you’ll clean away the grease, but leave the non-stick coating intact!

Besides protecting the non-stick coating of your frying pan, salt can do much more for your cooking ware. Go on to the next page to read how to clean a burnt pan using salt.

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