Do you eat cheese on a daily basis? Then we’ve got good news for you!

Attention to all cheese lovers!

Are you a big fan of cheese and would you eat it with simply everything if you could? On bread, over your pasta or as a dessert… Yum! You may have thought that eating a lot of this yummy goodness would be bad for you. Luckily, we’ve got some good news for you: it turns out to be good for your health!

Apparently, eating cheese reduces the risk of getting a heart attack.

Two slices

Yes, this news made us very happy as well when we heard about it! Research conducted by Soochow University from China shows that eating 40 grams of cheese a day can help to reduce the risk of certain heart diseases. The effect is so big that it could reduce the chance with no less than 14 per cent! And, to compare: one big slice of pre-packaged cheese weighs about 20 grams.


The researchers came to this conclusion after comparing 15 different studies from both Europe and the United States. To do this, they compared all of the health results from the participants of the studies, which was more than 200,000 people. They came to the conclusion that people who eat cheese on a regular basis have a smaller risk of getting a stroke; the risk can be reduced with up to 10 per cent. The researchers think that the reason for this is that the calcium in the cheese causes your body to not absorb all of the fats that are also in it.

So, how about another platter?

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Source: Flair | Image: Pexels