You should never rinse this vegetable before preparing it!

washing vegetable

Do you rinse this vegetable before cooking or pan frying it?

When you’re a true lover of vegetables, you’ll probably vary a lot with them in the dishes you prepare. And when you’ve just bought a new load of fresh vegetables at the grocery store, you want to make sure you wash them before your cook then. It turns out there is one exception to this rule: not all vegetables should be washed before you prepare them.

Apparently, it’s be detrimental to the structure: the vegetable would go much more limp and mushy.

Rinsing vegetables

Usually, we would advise rinsing fruit and vegetables before consuming them. Especially if your produce isn’t organic it’s important to rinse well, but even organic fruits and veggies need to be rinsed to prevent soil from getting in your food. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides to prevent illnesses and insects. By rinsing your produce, you’ll rinse away some of the pesticides, soil, insects and other unwanted things. Veggies can even carry E. Coli bacteria, so it’s important to rinse well!

How to rinse

How do you rinse vegetables well? By holding them under the tap. This should be good enough for most veggies. You could also make a bath for you rvegetables. Put the veggies in a large bowl and fill this with water. Let the veggies soak for a bit and rinse afterwards. This method makes sure all gross bits will be removed from the vegetables, like soil and sand.

There’s one type of vegetables you should never wash. Find out which one on the next page.

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